Light Installation, 2023, 2024


Light Installation
Summer 2023


College Park, 2023
43.652931, -79.429672

Trinity Square Park, 2024
43.654428, -79.381870


Rhinoceros 6
Adobe Suite

Project Description

Meet “Ethera” - an interactive LED based public art installation designed by myself and built by students from the Department of Architectural Science. This art piece was created along with the Creative School, Toronto based lighting design studio Urban Visuals, and StrongLED as an industry partner. We experimented with the refraction of light by filling a multi-wall polycarbonate cladding with recycled glass aggregate. This created a tactile and sculptural surface that came alive during the animated and changing light conditions - but didn't require any complex fabrication. The result of this exploration is an animated pavilion which creates an immersive experience inviting visitors to dis-engage with the city around them and encourage a childlike playfulness.

Ethereal Surface

Rather than hiding the ballast, Ethera uses its recycled glass cladding in order to enhance the quality of light behind it

Upcycled Ballast

Any public art installation, needs to be ballasted to the ground. Whil typically done using gravel, Ethera uses a sculptural recycled glass

Material Filter

The installation uses polycarbonate as an architectural filter in order to enhance the quality of light behind it

The Architectural Light Installation

Most typical light installations use series of animated lights attached to a support structure. The role of architecture in this case is purely functional.

Can I Instead use architecture to enhance this experience rather than just support it? How can architectural materials be used in order to add to the lighting experience?

Typical Light Installation (Moment Factory)

Architectural Filter In Ethera

Multi-Functional Ballast

Creating a sculptrue using the recycled glass aggregate will not only play with light in an interesting way, but will also act as the pavilions weight keeping it grounded and secure.

Additionally, the darker coloured ballast creates areas of high visual contrast which is perfect for the exhibition signage and hiding functional equipment behind.

Modular Construction

Due to a constraint with available shop time - the pavilion was designed and constructed using a singular basic module which can be laid out in a variety of patterns for future re-assembly. The modular nature of the pavilion also assisted with the offshore coordination LED ordering and programming of the pavilion

College Park Exhibition, 2023

Night Condition

When the sun sets the pavilion comes alive illuminating the park around it. Whether you're wandering through the installation, sitting on a nearby bench, or simply passing by, the installation offers a unique and memorable experience for all.