Ariel Weiss

Hey! I’m Ariel an ambitious architectural designer focused on creating organic, elegant, and provocative ideas.

Selected Works

Selected Works


Traditional Cathedral, 2023


Performance Canopy, 2023


Opera House, 2020


Aquatic Center, 2022

About Me

About Me

I’m an aspiring architectural designer from Toronto, Canada who’s fascinated by organic design and design for manufacturing and assembly. I’ve graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) with a bachelor of architectural science with a co-op specialization, where I’ve worked at PARTISANS. Currently I'm pursuing a Masters of Architecture at Yale University and I hope to eventually practice as a licensed architect. In addition to studying architecture, I also investigate and publish on various research topics such as extended realities, indigenous architecture, and post-covid architectural pedagogy. Additionally, I've participated in several design competitions, most recently winning the first place award of excellence in the CISC’s steel design competition. I’ve also won various other awards and grants including a Holcim Gold award for Sustainable Construction.

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Complete Work

Writers Studio
Studio, Fall 2019

Animal Paddock
Animal Paddock, 2019-2022

Multi-Unit Residential, Winter 2021

Automata Jewelry
Jewlery, Summer 2022